Airsoft Gameday 12/05/2024

WARZONE 12/05/2024

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Extra regulations:

Organizer: Bence Farkas

Contact: 06702777198

Date: 2024.05.12.

Location: Molnaszecsőd Arany Street

Minimum: 20

Entry fee: 15 EURO

Gate opening: 08:00

Start: (briefing at 09:15)

Gate closing: 17:00

Ruleset: MASZ2015 + additional rules

Attire: Military, PMC

Style: Squad vs. Squad

Mandatory: Eye protection, hit indicator, one high-quality radio per squad

Recommended: Face protection

For beginners!

Bring with you:

Approximately 40*40 cm neon green or orange garment (this will be your hit indicator)

Clothing preferably green or camo

Footwear preferably boots

What you'll receive:

M4 replica, sufficient ammunition, military cap, vest, face mask, protective eyewear

Chrono: (With own BBs)

AR: 1.6J

DMR: 2.3J

Sniper: 3.3J

Values are explicitly stated; any replica exceeding its category's limit cannot participate!

Everyone must arrive on time for chrono. Those who are late cannot start the game until their replica is measured.

Only single shots are allowed for ARs; automatic mode can be used with the organizer's permission before/during the game.

Rules for Support, DMR, and Sniper:

Support weapons can only be fired while standing, kneeling or bracing is not necessary. Running/moving is PROHIBITED!

Alongside a Sniper or DMR, a secondary sidearm is mandatory, and within 20 meters, it MUST be used.

During the game, calm behavior and fair play are expected. Aggressive behavior and swearing are to be avoided.

Those who have consumed drugs or alcohol cannot participate in the game!

Permission is required for the use of pyrotechnics or explosives, which must be presented to the organizer before the game.

The main goal is to have a good time in good company on a good field while playing airsoft.

Game description:

IMPORTANT! Everyone starts the game with a secondary weapon, such as a pistol or shotgun. Players can bring unlimited magazines and ammunition for their secondary weapon.

A squad can consist of a maximum of 6 members.

Primary replicas and magazines/ammunition must be placed in a designated shop (building 😎 on the field before the game starts, labeled and monitored by a vendor.

To redeem the primary replica, players must collect a specified amount of money from designated locations within a given time frame.

The shopkeeper will issue the primary replica with 2 mid-cap magazines for ARs, 1 box magazine for support weapons, and 1 magazine for snipers.

Additional magazines/ammunition are awarded to the team after completing certain tasks or bounty hunts. Completing a task grants +2 magazines or quantities related to support weapons or snipers.