Night Operation 11/05/2024

1. General information

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Organizer: Bence Farkas & Peter Esső

Date: 25/05/2024

Location: Molnaszecsőd, Arany Utca

Minimum: 20

Entrance fee: 10 euro

Gate opens: 17:00

Gate closes: 00:00

Rule system

Attire: Military, PMC.

Style: Team against team.

Mandatory: Eye protection, hit indicator, one high-quality radio per squad.

Recommended: Face protection.

If you're a beginner!

Bring with you:

Approximately 40*40 cm neon green or orange garment (this will be your hit indicator)

Clothing preferably green or camouflage.

Footwear preferably boots.

What you'll get:

M4 replica, sufficient ammo, military cap, vest, face mask, goggles.

Chrono: (With own BBs)

AR: 1.6J

DMR: 2.3J

Sniper: 3.3J

Values are clearly stated, any replica exceeding its category's limit cannot participate in the event!

Everyone must arrive on time for chrono. Those who are late cannot start the game until their replica is measured.

For AR, only single shots are allowed; automatic mode can be used with organizer permission before/during the game.

Rules for Support, DMR, and Sniper:

Support can fire while standing, no need to kneel/lean. Running/moving is FORBIDDEN!

Beside Sniper and DMR, a secondary sidearm is mandatory, and within 20 meters, it MUST be used.

Throughout the game, calm behavior and fair play are expected. Aggressive behavior and swearing are avoided.

Anyone who has consumed drugs or alcohol cannot participate in the game!

Permission is required for using pyrotechnics, explosives; present this to the organizer before the game.

The main goal is to enjoy airsoft in good company, on a good field.

2. General informationDetailed information on nighttime regulations

Rules and what to bring:

What you absolutely need to bring with you for the night game:

- Tracer unit mounted on your weapon (alternatively accepted are muzzle flash simulators, or if none, then shooting with a weapon light flashing with each shot)

- Flashlight, or a tactical light mounted on your weapon

- Tracer BBs required for this, obviously

- Red hit indicator light (this can be a simple bike light, the main thing is that it should be a well-visible red light source, we can lend three in the worst case)

- Radio, so you can signal us if there are any problems

Extra rules that may differ from daytime games:

- The use of sniper rifles is prohibited

- The use of DMR and support weapons is only allowed with Tracer usage

- You MUST move in pairs at minimum on the field, but preferably in squads.

- In case of any accident, immediately notify the organizer by phone or radio (there is a higher risk of injuries at night or someone getting lost)

- The use of lasers is strictly PROHIBITED!

You will receive all other rules during the on-site briefing.