rules in English

rules in English

  • Disaster management

In case of an accident, the game automatically stops, help must be provided and everybody must wait in the parking zone until the situation is solved. In case of an accident or fire the organiser/game marshal should be called using chanel 8, or you should call +36305171212. Climbing on the roofes of the houses and the hay bales is forbidden. Climbing to any ladder is forbidden. Avoid climbing on the trees. You should only go to visible and safe places. If you happen to find a dangerous zone or location, please let the organiser know.

  • Registration

When entering the place, it is compulsary to wear glasses. After parking, the next step is registration. After registration you should get dressed up and do chrono. We do the chrono with your own BB-s and we measure it in Joules. (WARNING: you should try out your equipment in the designated area, don't shoot in the parking zone.)

  • Weapons and other airsoft equipment:

Rates measured in Joules: small pistons AEG/HPA maximum 1.67 J, DMR: 2.32 J (min length 95cm, only single shots) sniper: 3.34 J (mechanic, gas sniper replica). Further weapon categories can be found on the website of "Magyar Airsoft Szabályzat".

After registration and chrono, please wait in the designated area with your team or squad, with weapons all in safety mode. The briefing starts according to what the game marshall said before.

Granade-40: all the granades built in a replica or a simple hand granate (type 40mm) thrown into a room should be considered as a hit. There is a chance of medic, according to what the game marshal said at the briefing. They kill the vehicles, and whole squads as well.

Thunder B, or any other BB granades: if the opponent uses a properly working granade, it is always a hit, you but medic is possible. If you can hide from the granade theoretically it isn't a hit, but because being respectful you consider it a hit. When you get a granade outside, it is a HIT in the range of 4-6 metres. Don't overcomplicate it. This distance is valid for BB granades as well. If you find a granade somewhere, or any parts of it, please give it back to the owner, or let us know that you have it.

Warning: the aim of using granades is to empty a room in a building. This should be known for both of the parties. It is forbidden to throw any used parts of the granades or any other tools. Important: when throwing a granade you should do it carefully in order to avoid head injuries.

  • Hit, knives, medic systems

An identified hit is a valid hit from your head to your tows. It is forbidden to tell or ask somebody that they got a hit. An airsoft hit is what the players admit. A shot a replica is a valid hit as well. In case of a hit, you shout loud the word hit and you put your coloured kendo into your head. You shouldn't raise your hands, you have to use the coloured band. If you miss this, after the second warning, you are not allowed to continue the game, you have to leave the scene.


In case of small distance between two players, approaching one or the other from the back or from the sides, instead of shooting you can tell the opponent to put down their weapons. It is not compulsary to accept it as a hit, but normally, respectfully we do that. Please, solve these situations fairly and peacefuly between each other.


Only airsoft rubber knives can be used. Homemade knives can be used only with the permission of the organiser. Soldiers waiting for medic can be stabbed which means they have to go back to the starting point.


a, No medic: after a hit you walk back to the starting point with your colourful headscarf on your head, after that you can go back to play.

b, Everybody can medic everybody. Any of the team mates can medic the downed soldier. You need to count til 60 to heal them. Normally, you can do it whenever needed, without limits. When somebody is dead for more than 5 minutes, they can return to the game.

c,Dedicated medic: there are one or two medics chosen in the beginning. They have special signs. There are limited and non-limited versions, according to what the game marshal said in the beginning. When limited, it is said by the marshal, how many lives the gamers have. Bleed out time is five minutes.

d, Extra medic rules: rules are cleared and explained by the game marshal at the briefing.

Fundamental rules:

When somebody is dead, they are not allowed to talk or move. During bleeding time nobody is allowed to move, except to find a safe location to wait for the medic. When you are a medic you can shoot your oponent, but after that you need to restart counting. When the medic is shot, it is a hit, he is down. If the dead gets another shot, medic should be stopped, it is hopeless.

The medic must not shoot while patching up someone. In case it happens, you have to start the counting again. 


A dead can be dragged out to a safe place, slowly, but running is forbidden. Respawn only in the designated areas. You can not restart the game from the off zone or from the parking area.

Warning: shooting out of tiny holes is forbidden. You can only shoot from places where your head is also visible. Don't move the elements of the game or any other equipment on the field.

  • Single shot/burst mode:

It is decided by the game marshal, according to the number of players. Within 20 metres only single shot is allowed. Burst mode is forbidden in the buildings. Burst mode is acceptable when the distance is more than 20 metres. The chanels and the missions are introduced by the game marshal. In case of a problem or fight, both parties are free to leave the field. Using inapropriate words and style is forbidden.