rules in English

Rules in English

All events have current rules.

Organizer: Easy Base Airsoft Contact: and +36305171212 Location: Molnaszecsőd Arany Street Entry Fee: 15 euros/game Required: Eye protection, hit indicator.

Players under 16 years of age are not allowed to participate! I kindly request that anyone who has confirmed attendance actually participates in the game; otherwise, I ask for timely cancellation.

By registering and signing, I confirm the following points: • During the event, everyone is responsible for themselves; the organizer assumes no responsibility for any damages! • I have sufficient protective gear. • I will cooperate with the game organizers and accept their decisions.

Players can be excluded for violating the following rules: • Failure to adhere to the above-mentioned rules • Any insults or abusive language towards fellow players • Deliberately not reporting hits that were seen • Suspected destruction of facilities on the field (walls, windows, etc.) • Consumption of alcohol, drugs, or any other homemade narcotics

Please only participate in the game when well-rested and physically fit.

The game takes place in all weather conditions.

Additional Information:

Starting in 2023: Mandatory: SEMI mode

Exception: Support weapons: Ball launchers with high-capacity magazines that can be operated automatically (full-auto), machine guns. They must have bipods OR resemble an existing real team support weapon (M60, M249, M240, RPK, RPD, PKM, MG3/MG42, HK21). Magazines can only be refilled at HQ - Respawn

JOULE Limits:

AEG/HPA maximum 1.7 J, DMR: 2.32 J (minimum length 95cm, only single shots) Sniper: 3.34 J (mechanical, gas sniper replica)

Smoke and flash grenades may only be used outdoors, not inside buildings due to the risk of injury!

Building Rules:

Inside the building, only single-shot may be used; those who cannot comply with this will be excluded. Single-shot may also be fired from outside the building. Within 10m of the building, only single-shot may be used.

What you must bring: Eye protection, food, water, ID, hit indicator cloth

Our recommendation: A second battery, a second weapon, mouth protection

The Terrain:

A 20-hectare area with old military buildings (10 in total), 3-4 locator hills, and several concrete roads. There are fields and forests on the right and left sides! A very diverse terrain! Attacking HQs is prohibited.

  1. Climbing onto the roofs of buildings is strictly prohibited!
  2. The use of eye protection is MANDATORY on the entire field.
  3. The game is religion and politics neutral, so please avoid any such expressions!
  4. The use of pyrotechnics is only possible after consultation with the organizer!