Dear Airsoft players coming from abroad to our country,

We have created this event in order to establish a foundation with our foreign friends. Our main goal is to strengthen the Croatian and Hungarian relationships. This type of connection is particularly important to me as my family, through my father, has Croatian origins.

This event is about getting to know each other, about Airsoft, and laying the foundations. Starting from 2024, we aim to take our international game called "The Border" to a more serious level and create a minimum 3-day international event.

Of course, we also welcome our Slovenian comrades, and we won't forget our Austrian friends either. Let this day be our day of alliance, where we enjoy freedom, peaceful days, and our common passion for Airsoft.

You can arrive from Friday and set up your tents at the designated base and occupy the HQ. From Friday onwards, there will be a food van where you can purchase coffee, beer, sandwiches, and grill BBQ products.

In our club facility, you can use the restroom, charge your electronic devices, and have meals. The food van will be available until Sunday morning.

On Saturday, at exactly 10:00 AM, there will be a briefing that you will listen to in English. Prior to the event, everyone will receive a detailed program and rules in a PDF format.

We will spend Saturday engaged in games and close the day with a night game.

Opposing factions


Multicam, marpat, woodland, pencot, flektarn /desert flektarn, DPM. Complete military camouflage outfit, with a helmet or booney hat that must have the same pattern as the uniform. The color of the tactical vest is not important.


The typical appearance of a mercenary, PMC. It is preferable to wear military pants or jeans, not camouflage t-shirts, sweaters, or shirts. The vest should be a single color. Only an unicolor baseball cap is allowed.


Full olive green uniform, can be either a helmet, baseball cap, or hat, as long as it matches the color of the uniform. The color of the tactical vest doesn't matter. 


The healing, or medic role, will be determined by the number of people present.In each team, two individuals should be designated as medics. This can be changed later if it becomes too monotonous.Everyone should bring an ample supply of white medical bandages or dressings.When someone gets hit, they must indicate it by wearing a yellow hit marker cloth.You have a total of five minutes for a medic from your team to arrive and heal you using the bandage.If the five minutes elapse, you bleed out. In this case, both you and your entire team must return to the main base.The medic can heal with a 60-second countdown and using a bandage.Awaiting healing, individuals are not allowed to speak or move.