Al-Amanah 2024 (Larp/Milsim)

Al-Amanah 2024 (Larp/Milsim)

An imaginary country, Al-Hayat, lies in the Middle East, housing various Islamic religious groups. The nation is characterized by unity and diversity, yet tensions among religious groups and radical elements persist.

One of its capitals, Al-Amanah, where the story unfolds, stands as the heart of the country. Alongside religious groups, commerce and daily life thrive in the city, yet within radical factions, the trade of arms and drugs spreads.

In Al-Hayat, the people's army offers a semblance of stability and protection. The country's peacekeeping units, the Ruh Al-Salam (Spirit of Peace) forces, provide humanitarian aid while aiming to mitigate conflicts among religious groups and combat terrorism.

Furthermore, mercenaries are present in the city, forming a private military force and undertaking any task for profit. Many capitalize on instability through arms and drug trafficking.

Among the residents of Al-Amanah are those who lead their daily lives, yet many are active members of certain terrorist organizations, partly due to poverty and instability.

In this fictional story, the Ruh Al-Salam forces strive to maintain balance in the increasingly unstable city. When a radical group perpetrates an attack in one of its markets, the Ruh Al-Salam is compelled to act to prevent further violence and ensure the safety of the city's inhabitants.

As events and intrigues unfold, the units must confront corrupt political forces and challenges posed by mercenaries while attempting to establish fair peace for the people of Al-Amanah.

Certainly, it is crucial to emphasize that this story is fictional and created for entertainment purposes. It does not intend to discriminate or represent any real religious, racial, or political aspects. This is merely an imaginary narrative designed as inspiration for an airsoft game, not aiming to depict or differentiate any actual circumstances or events. The country and city named Al-Hayat and Al-Amanah are fictional settings crafted as part of an imaginary environment for the airsoft game.


Al-Amanah Residents

Civil individuals involved in trade, living their everyday lives. Many secretly collaborate with terrorist organizations. Attire: 

Everyday civilian clothing, possibly traditional Arab attire. 

If they wear military accessories, such as plain tactical vests or belts, they are no longer considered civilians but potential members of terrorist groups.

Ruh Al-Salam

(Peacekeeping Forces)

 Attire: Preferably MTP (Multi-Terrain Pattern) or any light, uniform camouflage military attire. Camouflage helmets or booney hats are MANDATORY.

· PMC (Private Military Company)

A private military force with secretive contractors, capable of anything for money. 

Attire: Civilian garments, plain tactical vests, plain baseball caps, or plain helmets.